E³.Harness Builder

E³.Harness Builder

Wire Harness Manufacturing Software

Harness Builder for E3.series is an integrated module that is purpose-built for harness manufacturers.

It enables wire harness manufacturers Harness Builder for E3.series enables wire harness manufacturers to create accurate quotations and comprehensive manufacturing documents, and to drive wire preparation, assembly and testing machines.

Wire Harness Builder functionality overview

Comprehensive Intelligent Library

Harness Builder for E3.series comes with a comprehensive set of component libraries containing thousands of components.

The parts information stored in the library helps the user to select and match wire sizing and optimize terminal selection.

  • Automatically generate connector tables containing manufacturing and displayed wire lengths.
  • Calculate bundle diameters and select labels, sleeves, and cable protection from the library
  • Apply logical stretching and compression routines-
  • Intelligently manipulate harness branches with dedicated easy to use tools.

Accurate Cost Estimates

Harness Builder for E3.series automates time consuming task of generating quotations and cost estimates.

  • Select and place connectors, terminals, wires, and cables and have Harness Builder for E3.series deliver a detailed documented list for design time
  • Highlight long lead-time items to identify potential project completion bottlencks
  • Export a comprehensive user-defined quotation for the total cost to build.
  • Manage the complete build inventory by attaching stockroom location tooling requirements is to the parts.

Intelligent Bill of Materials

Harness Builder automatically generates a complete bill of materials (BOM) driven by E3.series project data.

  • Track and update components, wires, cable, looming parts, labels, splices, and other miscellaneous parts.
  • Associate additional parts to the connectors and add them to the BOM without having to search through supplier documentation for part numbers.
  • Hyperlink elements in the BOM to PDF documents for information about sizing and terminal insertion.
  • Format and configure the representation of the BOM on your drawing sheet according to your company’s requirements using a user-defined excel template.
  • Create accurate lists of wires, cables, labels, and loom based on wire length.
  • Take advantage of permanent links between the BOM and wire reports to ensure correct wire length and termination details.

Sonic Welding Support

Harness Builder for E3.series recognizes splicing and welding as an integral part of the harness and manufacture creation.

  • Create direct outputs including barcodes for ultrasonic welders.
  • Create detailed information for left and right side welding.
  • Select the correct size heat-shrink for the fabricated weld.

Direct Export to Manufacturing

Harness Builder for E3.series offers a large choice of export and import options for wire harness designs

  • Export to wire cutting and labeling machines from such vendors as Komax, Schleuniger, and Argus.
  • Print labels on all popular label machines such as Brady, Brother and Hewlett Packard. AdditionaOutput user format is easy to create and deploy.
  • In addition, various laser marking, labeling and other automated printing options are available to assist the production process.
  • Production assembly aids, such as Projection Works, can be driven directly from the assembly of the wiring harnesses design data.

Documentation and Testing Support

Advanced harness documentation and testing options provide an easy path to improve quality and save time.

  • Import parts, wires, and cables into your documentation directly from the wiring list and the component library.
  • Take advantage of options for automated label positioning, wire protection sizing, and ribbon positioning to further improve the production quality of the cabling documentation.
  • Drive harness testing machines directly from the design data. Export options include Cirris, DIT-MCO, Dynalabs, CamiResearch, and Cable Scan


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