E³.series Peruskoulutus (schematic)

E³.series Peruskoulutus (schematic)

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E³.series Peruskoulutus (schematic), 2 pv, 04.06 . 05.06.2024 järjestetään joko etäkoulutuksena tai Turun toimipisteellämme.

We offer training courses in all modules of the E³.series.

Our courses can be made company-specific hosted at our customers or in our own training locations. We also arrange open courses regularly held in one of our training centers.

Training courses:

  • E³.series usertraining for all modules (1 – 4 days)
  • E³.series database training; setup, add/modify/delete entries in the system’s library (2 days)
  • E³.series andministration training for IT personnel (1 day)
  • E³.series API programming courses for personnel who wish to further develop/customize the company

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