Using Zuken’s E3.series, Green GT reduces the development time of its prototypes for fuel cell systems and high-performance hydrogen vehicles.

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Founded in 2008, GreenGT SA has emerged as a front-runner in the realm of mobility and hydrogen energy systems. They’re in the vanguard, designing fuel cell systems and cultivating drive systems for high-calibre hydrogen electric vehicles. In a bid to optimise the development of their electrical systems for these prototypes, GreenGT commenced using the E3.series last year.

GreenGT – experts for hydrogen technology

GreenGT, a Swiss company, has carved a niche in electro-hydrogen technologies over an enduring 15-year commitment. Not merely content with ideation, they are intricately involved in every facet of a project, from its genesis to its final market introduction. By fostering innovative electro-hydrogen solutions and continuously innovating in research and development, their unmatched expertise shines through. It allows them to develop eco-friendly drive systems and energy generators, striking a harmonious balance between peak performance and sustainability, spanning both sustainable energy solutions and the broader mobility landscape.

Zuken’s tools allow us to minimize the risk of errors in the design of our schematics and wiring harnesses and shorten our development cycles, which is crucial to the success of our projects.

Jérôme Bernard
Head of the Embedded Systems department of GreenGT

Facing the Challenges Head-On

Navigating the nascent hydrogen industry, GreenGT’s perennial challenge lies in aligning with client expectations within a tight schedule without compromising on the paramount importance of quality, a vital facet synonymous with safety. The intricate domain of electrical engineering necessitates the right software for precise schematics and dependable wiring harnesses, two disciplines that are intrinsically intertwined.

In the scope of GreenGT’s operations, the combined expertise of their engineers, Pauline and José, came to the fore. Using Zuken’s E3.series, Pauline adeptly crafted detailed electrical schematics, noting, “We use E3.cable to create schematics. The flexibility of use and the technical support are saving me valuable time.” On the other hand, José, with his proficiency in wire harness design, found value in another feature of the tool, stating, “With E3. formboard, I can create concise manufacturing drawings with all the necessary information for the manufacturer.”

Integrating Technology for Sustainable Advancements

Within the domain of sustainable technologies, GreenGT SA highlights the significance of utilising advanced software tools. By employing E3.series in designing schematics and wiring harnesses for fuel cell systems and high-performance hydrogen vehicles, the company has managed to reduce its prototype development time. Such decisions facilitate more streamlined operations and position GreenGT in a notable spot within the hydrogen vehicle sector. As the industry continues to evolve, GreenGT’s approach provides insight into the potential benefits of integrating technology and innovation.

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